Zine Quest

This page is where I will post links and resources that relate to Kickstarter’s Zine Quest. If you have any good links or references, let me know, and I’ll add them here!

Kickstarter Links

Kickstarter page on the Zine Quest.

Kickstarter Blog post about the Zine Quest.

Kickstarter link to successful Zines from the 2019 Zine Quest.

Social Links

Australian Zine Quest Developers Facebook Group.

The RPG Zines Facebook Group is a great community of Zine lovers.

Articles and Info

The Quest Continues: An article on Medium from the KS team about the Zine Quest 2019 – including some useful thoughts about some of the things you should do…

A lengthy and detailed blog post on creating Zines. Well worth reading! At Mazirian’s Garden.

A Twitter thread about printing Zines from @zeshio

A Blog post about Shipping considerations, from @zeshio

More from @zeshio – stats drawn from the 2019 Zine Quest, and some great accompanying thoughts.

Layout and Grid, a great reference for laying out RPGs, from Clayton Notestine.

A great Twitter thread from @HealthPakStream on commissioning artists.

A great Google Sheets doc created by @theNatalieAsh for setting Kickstarter goals and the like for ZineQuest.

Choosing the right paper stock.

Booklet layout – how to structure a file for booklet printing.

A blog post from RPG Ideas with lots of useful links and information about art, maps, and so on.

Marketing Yourself – Lots of wonderful advice about setting up your brand, site, socials, and so much more, from Ash Kreider. Well worth reading!


Mixam – A printer that specialises in Zines, based in the US.

Impact Digital – Large printer in Melbourne, Australia.

Print Works – A printer in Shepparton, Regional Victoria, Australia.


Affinity Publisher – a fantastic publishing and layout program.

Imposeonline.com – An online tool for the imposition of PDF files.

My Blog Posts about the ZineQuest

Beginnings – About the ZineQuest.

Choices – Choosing between a game in development, or creating something new.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – A range of questions about producing a printed zine that I need to find answers to.

Printing – Some research about printing and printing costs, including some sample quotes I got.

Honing – Playtesting and the start of a mini-campaign.

Resources – links (some of which can also be found above), and comments on why they are useful.

Moving Forward – some notes about playtesting Corsairs.

Shipping from Down Under – some investigation of the shipping costs for Zines from Australia to international addresses.

The Starting Line is in Sight – some thoughts about costs and costings as the ZineQuest approached. Looking at pricing and considerations for a Kickstarter Funding Level and Backer Levels.

The Wait is On – The Corsairs Kickstarter Project is waiting to be approved.

Corsairs! Coming Soon to Kickstarter – dropping the preview page. This marked the beginning of a frenetic period of ‘getting the word out there’.

Ruminations – Kicking off a series of articles about running my Kickstarter for ZineQuest…

Why ZineQuest – Why did I decide to launch a game for Zinequest?

Why Kickstarter – Why did I want to run a Kickstarter, and what were the benefits of doing so?

How Things Change – Charting the Journey of Corsairs from a micro-RPG concept to a ZineQuest Kickstarter.

Certain of my Uncertainty – Planning for the ZineQuest, with a focus on printing costs, funding goals, and backer level prices.

Shipping a game about Ships – The planning and costs of shipping for Corsairs.

Levels and Goals – The costs and resulting choices I made about the Funding Goal and Backer Levels for the Corsairs Kickstarter.

Pixels and Pages – My thoughts going into the Kickstarter about PDF vs Physical copies, and the reality once the Kickstarter was done and the dust had settled.

Stretch Goals – Thoughts, wonderings, and considerations on what to do for stretch goals and whether to, or not to…

Updates! Get your Updates here… – Some thoughts about the updates I made for my Kickstarter project during ZineQuest.

Living in a Bubble… – Hitting the limits of my social media influence was a weird feeling.

Timing and Tax – Some thoughts about timing income and expenses with an eye to what it means come tax time.

Implications – Setting Backer Levels can impact choices well after the Kickstarter is finished…